je ne sais plus
Sarah- 18 - American- I remember when this blog was more focused on one thing. Anyway I tag stuff so you can blacklist.


screenshot redraw sobs because im in a slump


i cry a lil when people make levi out to be this super mean guy who has no patience for anything and does nothing but yell. levi cares about people so much. yea he’s rude, but thats just because he’s awkward as hell and isn’t good with people.

stop mischaracterizing levi 2k14

We’re blood Lin, and after thirty years, the least you could do is say hello.


the tenth dr’s whole run feels like that montage in every movie where the hero takes advantage of a bunch of people to get what he wants but he grows to care for them but then they realize he was an asshole and just walk away all slowly shaking their heads like ‘we thought you cared’ and he’s just ‘but i do now’ and then he walks slowly in the rain back to where he came from while sad 80s public domain music plays

Title: 중독 (Overdose)

Artist: EXO-K

Played: 7233 times


EXO-K | Overdose


The second Caretaker Teaser.

It deserves your attention.


One of the BEST lines of the season.